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The colors in this bracelet just flow beautifully and seamlessly together! Great to wear alone or as a stack with matching pieces on the website!

Tanzanite natural stones, plum, green, bronze and silvers are just a perfect combination!

Tanzanite is connected to the third eye chakra and the throat chakra too. It’s always a sign of big healing when a stone works closely to both of these chakras. The throat chakra is the seat of our intimate truth and how we communicate our authentic selves to the outside world. When we have a clear line of energy running from our heart to our throat and to the third eye, it keeps us from shying away from who we are and helps us to live in the light of the self. The third eye is another incredibly important chakra and is the gateway to our well of inner wisdom. When open, we are able to trust that we have the answers and to give ourselves over to any psychic abilities we may have been pushing down in the past.

Tanzanite & Czech glass bracelet

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