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This beautiful & elegant graduation charm bracelet with a sterling silver graduation charm with a flower bouquet with pink CZ stones, a graduation cap and a diploma surrounded by 8mm pinkish purple lepidolite stones, Swarovski faceted crystals in vintage rose, faceted glass plum shade cathedral beads, sterling silver rondelle beads, and finished with a beautiful sterling silver carved rose toggle clasp.

Made on sterling silver chain.


Lepidolite, often referred to as the "Peace Stone" or "Grandmother Stone," is known for its ability to bring tranquility and balance, especially during times of transition and change.

Healing Properties: This crystal is celebrated for its power to soothe anxiety, relieve depression, and promote emotional healing by balancing the mind and spirit, primarily through its lithium content.

Protection: Lepidolite is believed to shield the wearer from external influences, absorb electromagnetic pollution, and provide psychic protection by deflecting negative energies.

Sterling Silver Graduation Charm Bracelet with Lepidolite beads

$75.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
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