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This bracelet is in honor of my baby girl. It came to me after putting together her scholarship fund and calling it the “Be You” scholarship.

Each bracelet has a stainless steel heart that says BE YOU on one side and on the other it says “In memory of Olivia Rose Passaretti”. 

Half of the proceeds of each bracelet will go directly to Olivia Passaretti Memorial Scholarship Fund. 


More about the Scholarship Fund:

Olivia Passaretti Memorial Scholarship Fund is a local non-profit fund established in the memory of Olivia Passaretti, a 17-year-old East Greenwich High School student whose life was tragically taken by a reckless driver with a long criminal record, on New Year’s Day 2022.  Olivia participated in many sports as a student athlete, but winning the game was never more important than showing integrity, empathy and compassion for others.  Olivia was always there with words of encouragement helping others find the courage to “Be themselves” while simultaneously striving to do so herself.  Olivia continuously demonstrated the true meaning of values and sportsmanship.


To honor Olivia’s memory, The Olivia Passaretti Memorial Scholarship Fund for student athletes at East Greenwich High School was created for students pursuing post-secondary education who display sportsmanship, both on and off the field. Through this scholarship fund, the values so meaningful to Olivia will live on, supporting fellow athletes and helping students pursuing varied fields of study find their way. In life Olivia was taught that it was important to do your best in all aspects of life. It was never just about the letter grade; it was about the effort. She lived a life surrounded by the message that stressed the importance of being loved for who you are, to feel accepted and loved. “Be You” was the message strongly emphasized throughout Olivia’s life. 

Memorial Be You Bracelet (Blue Tigers Eye & Hematite

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