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“It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus”….MUCH MORE COMING!!🧙 🎃 🪄

This style is 3 strand wrap with 8mm natural gray labradorite stones, silver and gunmetal gray hematite stones, Czech glass faceted beads in purple velvet, Czech glass and cathedral beads in plum/sapphire shades with stainless steel

Hocus Pocus charm, silver witch hat and cauldron lead free nickel free charms!!



The gemstone creates a shield for auras and protects against negativity of the world. Labradorite is said to temper the negativity within ourselves as well. Labradorite is known for its changing colors, so it is no surprise this gemstone is known as a stone of transformation, enhancing strength of will and inner worth.


The most effective grounding stone, hematite, promotes stability and protection.

Hocus Pocus triple wrap bracelet

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