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If you are the lover of P!nk, this triple wrap bracelet is the one for you! This beautiful sterling silver Lotus Flower charm is surrounded by 6mm mother of pearl stones, 8mm mesmerizing Galaxy tigers eye stones, 8 mm fuchsia tigers eye stones, faceted glass cathedral beads in a soft matte aurora borealis, 4mm and 5mm Swarovski crystal accents in antique pink, 4mm faceted pink tourmaline stones and silver hematite accents!

This memory wire bracelet is like having 3 bracelets all in one!

All bracelets come with a gift box and the meaning of the healing stones!

Mother of Pearl

A protection stone, Mother of Pearl brings the gentle healing power of the sea. It is a stress relieving stone; relaxing, soothing and calming to the emotions.

Galaxy Tigers Eye & Fuchsia Tigers Eye

The Tiger's Eye crystal properties encourage you to live boldly, fiercely and bravely in all aspects of your life. It is known for its strong energy that promotes strength, protection and good luck. It can help focus the mind and dispel fear.


Hematite is said to help to absorb negative energy and any toxic emotions. Hematite can calm a troubled mind by giving clarity and focus.

“Fifty shades of Pink” Triple Wrap Sterling Lotus Bracelet

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