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This is a special one! The enchanting lotus! Just like it’s name it’s exquisitely enchanting!

The solid sterling silver lotus is surrounded by AAA quality Kunzite stones in 10mm, Swarovski crystal accents in antique rose and vintage rose, faceted cathedral beads in clear quartz, matte opalite faceted beads, silver shimmer and light pink rose glass roller beads and sterling silver ornate beads!

The lotus flower is an incredibly special flower with an incredible message!

Because lotuses rise from the mud without stains, they are often viewed as a symbol of purity. Since they return to the murky water each evening and open their blooms at the break of day, lotus flowers are also symbols of strength, resilience, and rebirth. It is a symbol of enlightenment!

Kunzite stone meaning

A joyful stone, kunzite opens and connects the heart with the mind, encouraging communion between the two.

Enchanting Lotus Double wrap bracelet

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