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Enchanted Lotus showcase piece! 💎🤍💎

Enchanted Shades of Gray

This is definitely one of my favorite pieces of all time!

Triple wrap dripping with elegance and style!

Soft shades of gray and white and silver dazzle throughout!

The sterling silver lotus flower charm is the cherry on top!

8mm natural labradorite faceted cube beads, 10mm natural grade A+ Mother of pearl stones, faceted crystal cathedral beads, 4mm silver hematite stones and antique sterling silver accent pieces!

Who is going to take this original lotus beauty home!


Labradorite has tremendous power to bring change to your life!

It is considered the stone of transformation because it balances all 7 Chakras, and especially stimulates the Third Eye, which awakens the intuitive abilities.

Labradorite attracts luck, which is why it’s also called the Good Luck Stone. If you’re wishing for more abundance, good fortune, and success in your life, this is a stone that you should never be without!

Enchanted Lotus Shades of Gray showcase piece

$125.00 Regular Price
$95.00Sale Price
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