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When the Last Bell Rang Book Cover image

In an instant, without warning, without reason, the life my children and I knew was ripped from us and we were left alone. My children were without their father, and I did not have my husband. My incredibly whole and happy family was gone. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I went from being someone who was happily married, just beginning the middle of a life with three young daughters, to a single mother and a widow. I was becoming an empty shell of the person I used to be and I had no idea what life was going to become for us. The struggle to survive the overwhelming grief, and emotions of confusion, guilt, anger, debilitating sadness, PTSD, while trying to sustain and rebuild a life was some days close to impossible. There were days I didn’t think I was going to survive let alone be happy again. However, it seemed God and the universe had other plans for me. I believe the same is true for each and every one of us. No matter what you believe is supposed to happen, or what direction you think your life should take, fate may have something entirely different in store for you.


“This is one of those books that grabs your attention from the first page and you can’t put it down. The pain and struggle is almost tangible & is heartbreaking to think of this family’s sudden and tragic loss. The author’s candid recollection about fighting her way through the depths of hell in those dark days will surely serve as inspiration to others struggling to regain heir sense of self after tremendous loss.”

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